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Secrets to Making Money with Karatbars Revealed

Karatbars are offered by an international company of the same name that is based in Stuttgart, Germany. It represents a whole new alternative of owning and making money from gold investment. Karatbars are certified as being the very best quality gold in the world. It is available in grams that make it easy for small investors to purchase gold.

In addition, investors can also gain additional income through Karatbars affiliate programs. Here we will reveal under-the-wrap secrets of making money through Karatbars affiliate programs.

Disclaimer: All earnings or income from the affiliate program will depend solely on the skills, ideas, effort, and time invested into the program. We do not guarantee any results or success level and are not responsible for any financial loss due to investing in Karatbars.

How to Make Money With Karatbars?

Karatbars International offers gold in grams instead of ounces (1, 2.5, and 5 grams). This makes it affordable to a large number of investors all over the world. Karatbars are embedded in credit sized cards that protect them and serve as a certificate of authenticity.

You can open your account with Karatbars for free and exchange your dollars for gold on a regular basis. When you create an account with Karatbars, you are given an option to be an affiliate or a customer. If you plan to buy Karatbars for buying gold only, you should select to be a customer. However, if you are interested in earning income and extra rewards from Karatbars affiliate program, you should choose to be an affiliate. 

Affiliates are not required to sell or buy gold to become eligible for the commission. All they have to do is encourage other buyers to buy Karatbars. Karatbars affiliate programs are binary-like pay plan that pays unlimited levels down and is based on units / cycles. There are two types of Karatbars affiliate programs offered by the company. 

Unilevel Affiliate Program  
Dual Team Affiliate program

Unilevel affiliate program is offered for free. The amount you earn from this affiliate program depends on your personal referrals and their referrals. You are paid monthly for the referrals you make during a specific month. 

Dual team affiliate program offers greater incentive and affiliate tools to the members. The affiliate marketing tools are designed to help affiliates introduce the product to others and qualify for the dual team commission. The size of payout you receive depends on the affiliate package that you purchase.

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