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Is Karatbars – A Scam or the Real Thing?

Karatbars International has been creating quite a buzz in the financial arena. The e-commerce company offers everyone a free gold savings account. Their money is stored in the form of small amounts of “spendable gold bars”. The gold bar incentive program rewards those who invite others to the program. Affiliates of the program have dual benefits of having their savings insured while also earning income from the program.

Learn All About Karatbars

Since Karatbars are a fairly recent product, a lot of people are skeptical about it. In this article, we will provide complete Karatbars review to determine whether they offer a great business opportunity for investors…or are a complete rip-off.

Karatbars International: Company Overview

Karatbars international was founded by Harald Seiz in 2011 and is based in Stuttgart, Germany. The company has pioneered the sale of small gold bars using network-marketing system. Seiz had stellar track record in real estate and insurance sector before moving on to precious metal business in 2008. In just seven months, he quickly became the top provider of precious metals in Germany.

Leveraging his success and expertise in financial service, Seiz formed a new company -- Karatbars international -- to sell small gold bars to investors. The company was incepted with the aim of encouraging investors to purchase small gold bars. At present, the company is operating in more than 70 countries. The company plans to expand its operations in all 194 countries worldwide.

About the Product

What are Karatbars, Karatbars are small 24K pure gold bars of 999.9 guaranteed value. The company works with gold suppliers that are recognized under the “London Good Delivery Standard”. Their current suppliers are Atasay and Degussa that provide the company with a stable supply of gold bars designed according to their specifications.

Deliveries are packaged under strict surveillance at one of the offices of Karatbars International and are shipped through FedEX. The company offers various storage options of physical gold bars to the customers:

Storage Germany (Free of charge) – Gold is stored in Stuttgart, Germany.

Storage Singapore (Charged) – Gold is stored in Singapore via contract with a Singapore company.

Storage Switzerland (Charged) – Gold is stored in Switzerland via contract with a Swiss company

Gold bars are sold to the investors in the form of 1-gram gold cards, gift cards, and country cards among other things.

Karatbars Affiliate Compensation Plan

Karatbars international offers various affiliate programs to the customers. The programs are in sync with the company’s goal to make gold bars affordable to investors globally. Investors who opt for the affiliate program receive commission for buying and selling gold while also building up their network. Payments are made monthly or weekly depending upon the affiliate program. Two of the most popular Karatbars affiliate programs include:

Unilevel Affiliate Program – It is a free program that offers monthly payments for referrals.

 Dual Team Affiliate Program – It is further subdivided into silver, gold, and VIP packages. The dual team affiliate program provides various tools and assistance depending on the selected package to help investors in recruiting more people to the program.

Are Karatbars Legal and Safe?

Although the company has received a fair bit of criticism, it is a legit company and conforms to the laws in Germany. The company operates in more than 70 countries with further plans to expand their network to additional countries. This shows that the product of the company is gaining popularity among international investors.

When it comes to deciding whether Karatbars are safe or not, the answer depends on your preferences. If you want to invest in gold bars to secure your savings, then Karatbars is the right choice for you. However, you should not expect instant success with its affiliate program. The Karatbars affiliate program may be lucrative and fulfilling, but it takes time, commitment, and persistence to enjoy financial rewards from the program.

David Kinghorn

How The Karatbars Affiliate Program Works.

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